Perfect College Fit



  • The requirements for admittance to a specific college fit your academic profile (your GPA, your test scores, your work ethic, and your curriculum).

  • Also, does the college offer a variety of majors that interest you? If so, you should scan their college catalog and review the courses that are offered in your possible major.

  • Do the courses seem challenging and interesting?

  • How easy is it to change majors, double major, or does the college allow you to create your own major? Does the college offer internships, research opportunities, and study abroad?


  • Do you want a small, medium or large student body?

  • Does the location of the college fit your needs (city, rural, suburban, etc.?

  • Is the ambience welcoming or competitive?

  • Will you be a “number” or will you work closely with professors who know you as a person as well as a student?

  • Does the college meet my “wish list? (Greek system, male/female ratio, strong athletic teams, vibrant school spirit)

  • What percentage of students lives on campus?

  • If so, how many years will you be required to live on campus?

  • Are there enough campus organizations that interest you?

  • How are roommates chosen?

  • And, what are the various residence options?

  • Is the students population diverse ( ethnicity, socio-economic, international, etc.)?


  • How much are you and your family willing to pay for your education? (Check the “net calculator" on the college’s website)

  • Does the college offer need based and/or merit based scholarships?

  • Do specific departments offer their own scholarships?

  • Does the college offer paid internships or research opportunities?

  • Does the college offer co-op programs?

  • Does the college require both the FAFSA and the CSS Profile?