College Planning Services

How Can We Help You Find the PERFECT College?

​Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Curriculum and College Planning - We help you choose the best courses so that you achieve maximum success throughout your high school career.

  • College Specific Programs – We aid you in exploring courses not offered in high schools, but specializations that may interest you in college. We find the best colleges that offer your specific interest.

  • NCAA/NAIA Eligibility for Athletics – We show you how to register and update your NCAA/NAIA profile.

  • Portfolio Assistance​ (Visual & Performing Arts) - We provide guidance about portfolio development and communicate with you the requirements for acceptance into your selected colleges.

  • College Visit and Trip Planning​ – We can create a schedule, set up appointments, and provide planning and coordination of college tours.

  • Application Preparation – We monitor and review your common application, coalition for access application, and all college specific applications

  • Resume and Essay Assistance – We help you build, enhance, and update an impressive resume. We also offer feedback for your principal essay and for all supplemental and/or scholarship essays.

  • Online Presence – We facilitate and help you create an impressive and informative online presence.

  • Interview Techniques – We practice interview techniques and offer mock interviews for our clients.

  • Summer and Enrichment Programs – We offer suggestions for summer enrichment programs, provide details of the programs, and help clients enroll in the programs.

  • Financial Aid and Scholarship – We explain the FAFSA, the CSS Profile, and help to determine any merit scholarships that are available for our clients.

  • GAP year – We match your interests with the appropriate GAP year experience.

  • Boarding School – We recommend boarding schools that offer programs that interest you.

  • Learning Differences - We work closely with colleges that offer superb programs for students who learn differently.

  • Se habla espanol - We welcome international students.

  • Additional Resources​ – We are “on call” for any questions via phone, person-to person, or via skype or zoom.

  • Advocate - We are your advocate with college representatives with our extensive networking connections.